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353. Roles for noncoding RNAs in cell-fate determination and regeneration
Li, M., and Izpisua Belmonte, J.C.
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, (2015) 22, 2-4. [link]

354. Efficient delivery and functional expression of transfected modified mRNA in human embryonic stem cell-derived retinal pigmented epithelial cells
Hansson, M. L., Albert, S., Somermeyer, L. G., Peco, R., Mejía-Ramirez, E., Montserrat, N., and Izpisua Belmonte, J.C.
Journal of Biological Chemistry (2015) 290(9):5661-72. [link]

355. Stem cells. Holding your breath for longevity
Ocampo, A. and Izpisua Belmonte, J.C.
Science (2015) 347(6228):1319-20. [link]

356. Use of the CRISPR/Cas9 system as an intracellular defense against HIV-1 infection in human cells
Liao, H.-K., Gu, Y., Diaz, A., Marlett, J., Takahashi, Y., Li, M., Suzuki, K., Xu, R., Hishida, T., Chang, C.-J., Young, J., and Izpisua Belmonte, J.C.
Nature Communications (2015) 10;6:6413. [link]

357. Identification of novel long noncoding RNAs underlying vertebrate cardiovascular development
Kurian, L., Aguirre, A., Sancho-Martinez, I., Benner, C., Hishida, T., Nguyen, T.B., Reddy, P., Nivet, E., Krause, M.N., Nelles, D.A., Rodriguez Esteban, C., Campistol, J., Yeo, G.W. and Izpisua Belmonte, J.C.
Circulation (2015) 131(14):1278-90. [link]

358. Brief Report: Oxidative Stress Mediates Cardiomyocyte Apoptosis in a Human Model of Danon Disease and Heart Failure
Hashem, S.I., Perry, C.N., Bauer, M., Han, S., Clegg, S.D., Ouyang, K., Deacon, D.C., Spinharney, M., Panopoulos, A.D., Izpisua Belmonte, J.C., Frazer, K.A., Chen, J., Gong, Q., Zhou, Z., Chi, N.C., Adler, E.D.
Stem Cells (2015) 33(7):2343-50. [link]

359. Brains, genes and primates
Izpisua Belmonte, J.C., Callaway, E.M., Churchland, P., Caddick, S.J., Feng, G., Homanics, G.E., Lee, K-F, Leopold, D.A., Miller, C.T., Mitchell, J.F., Mitalipov, S., Muotri, A.R., Movshon, J.A., Okano, H., Reynolds, J.H., Ringach, D., Sejnowski, T.J., Silva, A.C., Strick, P.L., Wu, J. and Zhang, F.
Neuron (2015) 86:617-631. [link]

360. An alternative pluripotent state confers interspecies chimaeric competency
Wu, J., Okamura, D., Li, M., Suzuki, K., Luo, C., Ma, L., He, Y., Li, Z., Benner, C., Tamura, I., Krause, M.N., Nery, J.R., Du, T., Zhang, Z., Hishida, T., Takahashi, Y., Aizawa, E., Kim, N.Y., Lajara, J., Guillen, P., Campistol, J.M., Rodriguez Esteban, C., Ross, P., Saghatelian, A., Ren, B., Ecker, J. and Izpisua Belmonte, J.C. (2015)
Nature (2015) 521:316-321. [link]

361. Selective elimination of mitochondrial mutations in the germline by genome editing
Reddy, P., Ocampo, A., Suzuki, K., Luo, J., Bacman, S.R., Williams, S.L., Sugawara, A., Okamura, D., Tsunekawa, Y., Wu, J., Lam, D., Xiong, X., Montserrat, N., Rodriguez Esteban, C., Liu, G.-H., Sancho-Martinez, I., Manau, D., Civico, S., Cardellach, F., del Mar O’Callaghan, M., Campistol, J., Zhao, H., Campistol, J.M., Moraes, C.T. and Izpisua Belmonte, J.C.
Cell (2015) 161: 459-469. [link]

362. Aging stem cells. A Werner syndrome stem cell model unveils heterochromatin alterations as a driver of human aging
Zhang, W., Li, J., Suzuki, K., Qu, J., Wang, P., Zhou, J., Liu, X., Ren, R., Xu, X., Ocampo, A., Yuan, T., Yang, J., Li, Y., Shi, L., Guan, D., Pan, H., Duan, S., Ding, Z., Li, M., Yi, F., Bai, R., Wang, Y., Chen, C., Yang, F., Li, X., Wang, Z., Aizawa, E., Goebl, A., Soligalla, R.D., Reddy, P., Rodriguez Esteban, C., Tang, F., Liu, G.-H. and Izpisua Belmonte, J.C.
Science (2015) 348(6239):1160-3. [link]

363. Metabolic Rescue in Pluripotent Cells from Patients with mtDNA Disease
Ma, H., Folmes, C. D.L., Wu, J., Morey, R., Mora-Castilla, S., Ocampo, A., Ma, L., Poulton, J., Wang, X., Ahmed, R., Kang, E., Lee, Y., Hayama, T., Li, Y., Van Dyken, C., Gutierrez, N. M., Tippner-Hedges, R., Koski, A., Mitalipov, N., Amato, P., Wolf, D.P., Huang, T., Terzic, A., Laurent, L., Izpisua Belmonte, J.C. and Mitalipov, S. (2015)
Nature (2015) 524:234-238. [link]

364. Regenerative medicine: targeted genome editing in vivo
Wang, L., Wu, J., Fang, W., Liu, G.-H., and Izpisua Belmonte, J.C.
Cell Research (2015) 25(3):271-2. [link]

365. Stem cell, CRISPR and HIV
Liao, H.K., Li, M., Martinez Martinez, L. and Izpisua Belmonte, J.C.
Cell Cycle (2015) 14:13, 1-2 [link]

366. Olfactory stem cells reveal MOCOS as a new player in autism spectrum disorders
Feron, F., Gepner, B., Lacassagne, E., Stephan, D., Mesnage, B., Blanchard, M.-P., Boulanger, N., Tardif, C., Deveze, A., Rousseau, S., Suzuki, K., Izpisua Belmonte, J.C., Khrestchatisky, M, Nivet, E. and Erard Garcia, M.
Molecular Psychiatry (2015) August 4 Epub Ahead of Print. [link]

367. Betaglycan knock-down causes embryonic angiogenesis defects in zebrafish
Kamaid, A., Molina-Villa, T., Mendoza, V., Pujades, C., Maldonado, E., Izpisua Belmonte, J.C. and Lopez-Casillas, F.
The Journal of Genetics and Development (2015) 53: 583–603. [link]

368. Hypoxia drives breast tumor malignancy through a TET-TNFa-p38-MAPK signalling axis
Wu, M.-Z., Chen, S.-F., Nieh, S., Benner, C., Ger, L.-P., Jan, C.-I., Ma, L., Chen, C.-H., Hishida, T., Chang, H.-T., Lin, Y.-S., Montserrat, N., Gascon, P., Sancho-Martinez, I., and Izpisua Belmonte, J.C.
Cancer Research (2015) 75(18):3912-24. [link]

369. Functional compensation between Myc and PI3K signaling supports self-renewal of embryonic stem cells
Hishida T, Nakachi Y, Mizuno Y, Katano M, Okazaki Y, Ema M, Takahashi S, Hirasaki M, Suzuki A, Ueda A, Nishimoto M, Hishida-Nozaki Y, Vazquez-Ferrer E, Sancho-Martinez I, Izpisua Belmonte JC, Okuda A.
Stem Cells (2015) 33(3):713-25. [link]

370. Creating Patient-specific Neural Cells for the In Vitro Study of Brain Disorders
Brennand, K., Marchetto, M. C., Benvenisty, N., Brustle, O., Ebert, A., Izpisua Belmonte, J. C., Kaykas, A., Lancaster, M., Livesey, R., McConnell, M., McKay, R., Morrow, E., Muotri, A., Panchision, D. M., Rubin, L. L., Sawa, A., Soldner, F., Song, H., Studer, L., Temple, S., Vaccarino, F., Wu, J., Vanderhaeghen, P., Gage, F. H., Jaenisch, R.
Stem Cell Reports (2015) 5(6):933-45. [link]

371. Activin A/BMP2 chimera AB235 drives efficient redifferentiation of long term cultured autologous chondrocytes
Jimenez, G., Lopez Ruiz, E., Kwiatkowski, W., Montanez, E., Arrebola, F., Carrillo, E., Gray, P., Izpisua Belmonte, J.C., Choe, S., Peran, M. and Marchal, J.A.
Scientific Reports (2015) 5:16400. [link]

372. Metabolic exit from naive pluripotency
Wu, J. and Izpisua Belmonte, J.C.
Nature Cell Biology (2015) 17(12):1519-21. [link]

373. Dynamic Pluripotent Stem Cell States and Their Applications
Wu, J. and Izpisua Belmonte, J.C.
Cell Stem Cell (2015) 17:509-525. [link]

374. PTEN deficiency reprograms human neural stem cells towards a glioblastoma stem cell-like phenotype
Duan, S., Yuan, G., Liu, X., Ren, R., Li, J., Zhang, W., Wu, J., Xu, X., Fu, L., Li, Y., Yang, J., Zhang, W., Bai, R., Yi, F., Suzuki, K., Gao, H., Rodriguez Esteban, C., Zhang, C., Izpisua Belmonte, J.C., Chen, Z., Wang, X., Jiang, T., Qu, J., Tang, F. and Liu, G.-H.
Nature Communications (2015) 6:10068. [link]

375. Establishment of human iPSC-based models for the study and targeting of glioma initiating cells
Sancho-Martinez, I., Nivet, E., Xia, Y., Hishida, T., Aguirre, A., Ocampo, A., Ma, L., Morey, R., Krause, M.N., Zembrzycki, A., Ansorge, O., Vazquez-Ferrer, E., Dubova, I., Reddy, P., Lam, D., Hishida, Y., Wu, M.-Z., Rodriguez Esteban, C., O’Leary, D., Wahl, G.M., Verma, I. M., Laurent, L. C. and Izpisua Belmonte, J.C.
Nature Communications (2015) 7:10743. [link]

376. Mending a Faltering Heart
Li, M. and Izpisua Belmonte, J.C.
Circulation Research (2015) 118(2):344-51. [link]

377. Understanding the molecular mechanisms of reprogramming
Krause, M.N., Sancho-Martinez, I and Izpisua Belmonte, J.C.
BBRC (2015) pii: S0006-291X(15)30989-X. [link]